Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The Dove chocolate TV commercial begins with a woman sitting by the window in a ray of sunlight.  She is dressed elegantly and her hair is fancy.  Then the actual chocolate candy is revealed, as a close up, in her hand.  The camera zooms in when the chocolate enters her mouth so only the bottom half of her face is shown.  This is followed by her look of satisfaction and happiness after eating it.  In the next scene, chocolate is being poured, but only the ribbons and layers are shown that form.  Then, the same woman appears but this time in a long, brown dress, which imitates the previous scene in which chocolate was poured.  Now, the camera is above the woman to show the movement of her dress which is similar to the chocolate.  Then, a piece of the candy appears from the bottom up as it is being coated in chocolate.  The “Dove” label is on top.  The commercial ends with a bag of Dove chocolates in a background of silky brown drapes.  Also, there is the slogan, “My Moment. My Dove.”  The background song talks about “sweet dreams” and “wishes”. 
The appeals in this ad are the needs for aesthetic sensations, physiological needs, and to escape.   It is obvious that the images of the Dove chocolate are made to be “visually pleasing”.  This attracts people to want one.  When the chocolate is shown up close, the physiological need is taken into account because the photography is so advanced.  I think this ad appeals women more than men because the person in the ad is a woman.  Therefore, it is easier to relate to how she feels.  I only noticed the need to escape at the end when she says, “My moment. My Dove”, meaning that some time should be taken to focus on the self.  I think this ad is effective in that it shows the worth of the smoothness and satisfaction of eating this brand of chocolate.  After the woman eats the chocolate, she experiences the freedom that it promises.

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