Tuesday, April 12, 2011

library book

I had a hard time searching for a book online that was related to my topic.  I typed in laughter and health, laughter, and laughter benefits.  Nothing seemed to be related after reading the online descriptions.  I finally found something under "laughter health".  It said the book could be found at both College Library and Memorial Library but it was only available at Memorial.  This was my second time in Memorial Library, but the first time doesn’t really count because I didn’t stay to study.  So, because I had no idea where to find the book, I asked a librarian who showed me a map of the call numbers.  She told me that my book was in the North stacks of the 6th floor.  The shelving units were too close for comfort and the lighting was dim.  Everything looked old and untouched.  There were even maintenance men working to fix a leak.  It took me about 10-15 minutes to find the book.  The books next to it were also about laughter and humor-related topics.  The books on the shelf above had “jealousy” and “intimacy” in the titles.    

Provine, Robert R. Laughter A Scientific Investigation. New York: Viking Penguin, 2000. 

Call number:  BF575 L3 P76 2000

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