Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roberts/research topic

My research question is:  What are the health benefits of laughter?  Is it really the best medicine?

My mom is always telling me to laugh a little and it makes me wonder if it indeed does anything.  Even though the second part to my question is considered to be a cliché, I think that this question is an interesting enough topic to write about.  It interests me in that it is a common phrase, but its correctness is not something that you would just know.  The approach I will take is to first acknowledge the physical and mental effects of laughter.  I will explore the areas of how laughter affects the body and how laughing can be exercise.  I will also consider if laughter can heal the sick more quickly.  Then I will talk about the mental side in which laughing can reduce stress and create positive emotions.  Right now I am not sure about the organization of my essay, but I think I will start off with the physical effects followed by the mental effects.  I will conclude with an overall analysis of laughter and answer if it is the best medicine.

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