Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sedaris summary

In David Sedaris’ Solution to Saturday’s Puzzle, humor is used through Sedaris’ thoughts while he’s figuring out the crossword puzzle.  The joke is that even though Sedaris thinks that sitting with a crossword puzzle in front your face makes you look smart and composed, he himself is not.  He tries to solve it but instead, reasons with himself:  “‘I am not an asshole,’ [he] wrote, and it fit” (129).  Also, he is not as calm as he seems to be because he cannot stop thinking about the fight with Becky.  I think this piece is funny in the way in which his thoughts are presented.  Reading the clue and then his answer made it funny.  Also, I find it funny that Sedaris thinks he’s in a competition with Becky.  On page 131, he creates a scenario in which Becky would be chosen as the sacrifice.  Even though at first she doesn’t want to be the one to fall off, after Sedaris offers to fall off himself, she realizes that he’s not so mean after all and finally lets go.  It doesn’t seem believable that Becky would just let go because Sedaris isn’t what she thought him to be, but it was funny anyway.  The humor in this piece works because the dislike between the two of them is mutual and only the reader knows Sedaris’ thoughts.    
My joke is:  What do you call a cheese that’s not yours?


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